He dreams of becoming a pilot.But for now, Benjamin is content to receive food, schooling, medical care, and most of all, to be loved.His harrowing story began when his mother abandoned him when he was only three years old. When Benjamin was five, he escaped his father's cruelty and began living on the streets. At the age of nine, he was discovered and taken in by Sera's Caring Place. He is now thriving, happy and thankful.



Sarah is a happy, sweet kid at Sera's Caring Place. Initially, the orphanage only housed males, but her big brother's pleas for her safety were enough to convince Sera of her dire situation if left unattended. Sarah was immediately welcomed and through the simple acts of love and caring, Sarah began to thrive.

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Best at his class and loved by his teachers at school, Little Moses, also known as Boogie, has thrived during his time at Sera's Caring Place.


Boogie's beginnings were rough – he lost his mother during childbirth and his father was uninvolved. Raised by his grandmother, Boogie had nowhere to go after she passed away.  Sera took Boogie in, where, over time, he has become a leader in his class in English and science. His aspiration? To become a doctor when he grows up so he can treat sick people and also help those who can not afford medical care.